OHSU’s most engaging posts of 2012

By Brycie Jones

Next up in our short 2012 year-in-review series: the year’s most engaging posts on OHSU’s Facebook page.

OHSU has been on Facebook since 2007. At that time, the School of Medicine had OHSU’s only presence on the social network. We now have numerous pages on Facebook that are administered by a wide range of OHSU employees, including a page representing the whole institution. This list counts down the most popular posts — as determined by those who “like” us — from that page.

As the administrator of that page, I’d like to sincerely thank those who’ve been a part of our community on Facebook over the past year. I’ve loved reading your thoughts on our research and passing along your kudos to our deserving staff members.. I hope to see more of you in 2013. Now on to the list!

5. What are you grateful for?

In November, we asked you to fill in this blank: “I am grateful for _______.” Nearly 100 people left comments that ran the gratitude gamut. Several people name-checked OHSU employees, departments or services — thank you — and one commenter left thanks for health and not needing to use OHSU. Family and  job opportunities were also popular choices among our commenters.

4. Congratulations OHSU graduates!

As we bid farewell to another class of newly-trained health care professionals and scientists, we asked our community for what advice they might offer to our new graduates.

Our Facebook community advised our new alumni to wield kindness and compassion in their new professions, and to continue learning. As one commenter wrote: “You are never alone. Ask questions of your peers; pick their brains. Above all, respect your colleagues and your patients.”

3. OHSU earns Magnet status.

In August, we shared good news with our Facebook community: OHSU received prestigious Magnet status, awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Our community responded by throwing in their own congratulations and notes about their interactions with our nurses.

2. The Dr. Oz Show visits OHSU.

The Dr. Oz Show, in partnership with OHSU, provided 500 free health screenings in July. Many members of our Facebook community browsed, shared or commented on photos from the screening event, which took place on our South Waterfront campus.

1. Phil and Penny Knight give $125 million to fight cardiovascular disease.

The news that Phil & Penny Knight would establish the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute with the largest-ever gift to OHSU was by far the year’s most popular OHSU Facebook story. The post received more than 500 likes and 70 shares. The news also inspired several commenters to leave their own notes of thanks to the Knights, many of whom also included personal stories of their experiences with our cardiovascular programs.

These 2012 posts received the most “engagement” from our Facebook likers, according to the data provided by Facebook’s insights. The score has been slightly adjusted to account for number of people viewing the posts. For the purposes of this list, engagement includes any way in which users interacted with our post, including: likes, shares, comments  and clicks on links associated with the post.