OHSU partners with Cycle Oregon to serve community health

By Bob Applegate

Put together a dedication to active lifestyles, bike transportation, community health and service to rural Oregon and you come up Cycle Oregon. Or OHSU. Or both.

Let’s go with both.

That’s why OHSU jumped at the chance to become co-presenting sponsor – along with Moda Health – of the 2013 version of Cycle Oregon, one of the premier distance bike events in America.

For more than 25 years, Cycle Oregon has been taking as many as 2,000 riders on a weeklong ride in the second week of September to some of the smallest and most beautiful communities in our state. And, they have recently expanded their offerings to a family-friendly weekend ride in the second weekend of July, this year based out of Corvallis and Oregon State University.

But Cycle Oregon is more than a set of rides. The organization has grown into a funding partner for rural community investment projects. Together with Cycle Oregon and Moda Health, OHSU will be looking for ideas on how those investments can serve the cause of community health.

Please feel free to share your ideas with me on how OHSU can use this platform to communicate about healthy lifestyles and alternative transportation. I look forward to hearing your ideas in the comments below.


Bob Applegate is the associate director of community engagement at Oregon Health & Science University.