Meet Nurse of the Year award winner, April Thompson

April Thompson, R.N.
April Thompson, R.N.

This week, the OHSU family celebrates some of our most skilled, dedicated and compassionate community members: nurses. And we recognize one nurse, in particular, whose commitment to the success and education of others is unparalleled.

We can all remember a teacher in our lives that really made a difference. He took time after class to answer your questions. She introduced you to a subject that changed your career path and encouraged you to go beyond your limits. April Thompson, R.N., is just such a teacher.

On OHSU’s 14K Bone Marrow Transplant unit, April is known for her teaching and coaching of new nurses. She has been honored this week with a Nurse of the Year award as one “who contributes significantly to the education, professional development or long-term learning of other nursing professionals.”

Like any great leader, April’s abilities can be hard to define, but her students are not shy with their praise. Read what one former student had to say:

“April was my preceptor during my final term of nursing school, and every day I learned more than I ever thought possible, and every day I had fun. Cancer is serious, difficult stuff, but April finds a way of connecting with her patients and co-workers in a way that relieves some of that tension. She sets an example of lightness without levity, and compassion based in knowledge. She taught me that a nurse has just as much, if not more, say in a patient’s care than any doctor or pharmacist.”

“Being a new nurse, I made many mistakes. April let me err, but she never let me fall on my face. We’d go back over what had happened and discuss all the possibilities. April understands that people don’t learn, that people can’t learn, when they feel attacked or under duress.”

“April gives her students the same compassion and fostering care that she does her patients, and that is what makes her such an effective and exciting teacher. Even though I am no longer her student, I continue to aim for her bar.” – Clea Plumb, R.N., 14K

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