What do you want from your health care?

An Invitation from Bob Applegate, Assoc. Dir. Of Community Engagement

As many know, we are facing titanic shifts in the way that our health care is financed and delivered. Our economy continues to recover, but change is truly the watchword. What we believe about these and other issues determines how we will approach solutions to our biggest challenges in the years ahead.

Oftentimes the values and beliefs of the “middle” of the opinion spectrum – representing a majority of Oregon residents – are not considered in shaping the future of the state. In the legislature, public forums, and the news, we hear the loudest voices, but not necessarily the most representative. Ethnic minorities and rural residents, in particular, are rarely heard, because most statewide opinion research is not broad enough to provide a valid and reliable representation of their views.

To get this broader view, OHSU has partnered with Oregon State University, Oregon Public Broadcasting, DHM Research and the Oregon Community Foundation to survey 1,500 Oregonians by phone from throughout the state. This year’s Oregon Values and Beliefs Study will include questions exploring cultural values and trends in areas like government, public services, economic development and jobs, education, health care, environment and energy.

In addition to the telephone and in-person surveys, all Oregonians are encouraged to take the survey online at Oregon’s Kitchen Table. Your opinion matters. Click here to help shape our state’s future.