Tuition freeze for students in clinical programs

The OHSU Board of Directors recently approved a $2.2 billion operating budget for the fiscal year. One of the key initiatives included in the budget is a “tuition promise” – ensuring that students enrolled in clinical programs will see no increase in tuition during the duration of their program.

High tuition can create personal challenges for students but also professional ones, preventing new graduates from pursuing practice in underserved urban or rural areas. With an excepted enrollment of 400,000 new Oregon Medicaid patients in 2014, encouraging a robust and well-distributed health care workforce is vital.

The Tuition Promise covers 1,730 students including current enrollees as well as those admitted to OHSU programs for the coming year. Learn more about other tools OHSU has adopted to address the rising cost of education, including required financial management counseling for students, increased scholarship funds and more.