CEO of the Year award

By Joe Robertson, OHSU President

[Editors note: The Portland Business Journal recently named OHSU President Joe Robertson CEO of the Year across all industries. You can read the story here.]

I find individual awards like this embarrassing, in part because I’m by nature an introvert and in part because it’s so obvious to me that the real credit for OHSU’s success goes to our dedicated employees and to our supporters around the state. I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by tremendous talent throughout the organization, including an outstanding faculty and staff, strong mission leaders and an excellent executive team. This is truly a collective effort, truly a team victory for all of OHSU and all of our partners. I share this award with all of you.

This award also reflects the community’s recognition that OHSU is grappling with big challenges and embracing big opportunities.

As we enter the Golden Age of Biomedicine, there is an increasing demand for everything OHSU does – patient care, biomedical research, health professions education, and community service. But as demand rises there has been a corresponding decrease in funding available from traditional sources such as government. This has challenged us in many ways, but it has also created opportunities for us to innovate and lead, to demonstrate our value and attract new sources of funding, to find new and more effective ways to help those we serve.

OHSU is rising to the occasion, and it’s no surprise – we have an extraordinarily collaborative culture and a tenacious and relentless drive to make an impact. We believe we can and will change the landscape of health, and the community has taken notice. This recognition really belongs to all of us, and I truly believe that this is the beginning of a wave of local and national recognition for everything OHSU has to offer.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.