OHSU’s Most Read Blog Posts of 2013

2013 was a momentous year for OHSU researchers, faculty, students and patients. From state legislation and a new Portland walk-in clinic, to the story of a baby’s life saved by technology, here’s what you may have missed; a round-up of our most read blog posts of the year:

1. No appointment necessary: New Richmond Walk-in Clinic

Open for business! We were proud to announce the opening of our new OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond Walk-in clinic, offering a number of non-emergency services to local residents – both insured and uninsured.

2. I never imagined I would be diagnosed with cancer at age 23

One of our own, Katie Wilkes, manages the Research Funding and Development Services program at OHSU. On her third day of work on the hill, Katie was also diagnosed with melanoma.

3. Our children deserve stronger protections from cancer-causing tanning devices

Head of the Knight Cancer Institute, Brian Druker led the charge in support of new Oregon legislation that would prohibit kids younger than 18 from accessing indoor tanning devices.

4. The skinny on gluten-free diets

Could a gluten-free diet help with weight loss, digestive issues or other ailments? Is it right for you and your family? OHSU Nutritionist, Tracy Severson, demystifies the popular trend of “going GF.”

5. Visualize this: Telemedicine shows physicians the whole picture

The incredible story of one Doernbecher neonatal fellow, who used telemedicine to save a baby’s life.


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