Stories that matter.

By Eric Switzer, OHSU Communications

We work where the extraordinary is commonplace.

We see people at their most intimate and vulnerable. Illness is diagnosed. Healing occurs—or, sometimes, isn’t possible. Babies are born.

It’s why most of us work here. Because it’s a privilege to care for others in these moments. Because we want to cure disease or teach the next generation of healers or  just, in the end, be part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

Every person at OHSU has a story. This Spring, a few of these stories will begin to show up on TV, in bus shelters, online and in an occasional magazine. One way to think of them is as an ad campaign. Another is as a reminder that what seems commonplace for us is extraordinary for most.

But they’re mostly an invitation—a way for the people we serve to connect to the amazing things that go on here. Every. Single. Day. #OHSUAmazing