OHSU’s Most Read Blog Posts of 2014

OHSU’s President, Dr. Joe Robertson, recently noted that the year has been filled with stories that will be “noteworthy 50 years from now.” And it’s true. From the unprecedented, national support for our $1 Billion Knight Cancer Challenge to global health outreach and preparation around the devastating Ebola virus outbreak, here’s what you may have missed; a round-up of our most read blog posts of the year:

OHSU’s Dr. Brian Druker teams up with Columbia Sportswear CEO, Gert Boyle, to get tough on cancer.

1. 8 Things to Know About Ebola

Although the odds of seeing a patient with Ebola virus here in Portland were low, we continued to actively prepare for the possibility of a case. In 2014’s most read blog post, OHSU Medical Director, Dr. John Townes, demystifies details around the virus and our institutional efforts to protect patients and staff.

2. $100 million donation fuels OHSU vision to stop cancer

Inspired by our mission to end cancer as we know it, Phil and Penny Knight issued a $1 billion challenge in September of 2013. In this exciting update, one anonymous donor makes history by giving the largest single gift to-date. An incredible $100 million gift will help fuel our ambitious vision to stop cancer in its tracks. Later in the year, this generous philanthropist unmasked herself in a very playful way.

3. Chocolate and your heart

Cocoa has been long been known for its good taste, but studies have also shown it may exert beneficial cardiovascular effects. So, is chocolate really good for you? Dr. Tina Kaufman, who leads the Heart Disease Prevention program at the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute, breaks down the nutritional benefits of the sweet stuff.

4. Calorie-free thirst quenchers

The OHSU Gimbie health care team.

As Spring weather was heating up, we were all craving a cold beverage or two. OHSU clinical dietician, Tracy Severson, warns us to beware the liquid calories lurking in our warm weather drinks and suggests some refreshing alternatives.

5. Improving women’s quality of life in Ethiopia

Once a year, an extraordinary international medical event takes place, putting women’s health front and center in Gimbie, Ethiopia. In one of the most read posts of the year, Dr. Rahel Nardos, M.D. shares her first-hand experience with this inspiring project, partnering OHSU clinical staff with community health-care providers across the world.

But that’s not all! 2014 was a history-making year. You won’t want to miss these popular stories:



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