March Round-up: Brain Awareness Season and Doernbecher’s “Brave Bots”

Each month, OHSU faculty, staff and students publish exciting new research, academic advice and health stories across the blogosphere. In case you missed them, here is a round-up of some of our top blog posts of the month:

How hard could it be? OHSU School of Medicine student and mom to a toddler, Megan Thruston, shares her study habit secrets and parenting adventures – with a good dose of humor.

Wearing a properly fitted helmet every time you ride your bike reduces the chance of a traumatic brain injury by 88%! Marianne Bridwell-Chapman of the OHSU Doernbecher Tom Sargent Children’s Safety Center explains how to find the right fit – and why setting an example for your child is so critical.

Brain Awareness Season is upon us! The OHSU Brain Institute’s Bobby Heagerty provides a guide to upcoming lectures and events.

Doernbecher’s new “Brave Bot” mural is helping kids (and grown-ups!) be brave when facing serious medical challenges. Learn how the Brave Bots got started and why Nurse Manager Laura Nibert feels so strongly about empowering patients via the art installation

On March 9, Christof Koch, Ph.D. of The Allen Institute for Brain Science spoke at the Newmark Theatre as part of our 2015 Brain Awareness Lecture Series. Read a brief summary of his enlightening presentation.

Studies indicate that the Spring time change can be associated with disrupted sleep and even a suggestion of increased heart attacks soon after. Dr. Gopal Allada shares his tips to make the transition a bit easier.



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