At OHSU, a mother’s passion inspires

OHSU seems to run in the family for four of the six Mansoor siblings, and it all started with their mother, Salma.

Steven Mansoor, M.D., Ph.D., David Mansoor, M.D., Lori Mansoor, L.C.S.W. and André Mansoor, M.D. all work in different capacities at OHSU and three are graduates of the OHSU School of Medicine.

Their mother is no longer with them, but her passion for helping people, for science and for family is reflected in her children’s lives.

“Our family story at OHSU all started with her,” Steven said.

Her kids remember her as a very scientifically-minded person who wanted to be a physician but gave up her career to raise them.

Salma (pictured third row from the front, far right) posing with a group during her training at OHSU in 1972

Before that, Salma worked as a lab technician, and she did her training at OHSU.

Salma encouraged her kids to pursue careers in medicine. She fostered an interest in math and science in them, all the while nudging them toward helping professions.

Steven is the eldest of the siblings who went into medicine. A physician scientist, he has a cardiology fellowship at the Knight Cardiovascular Institute and serves as a Postdoc in the Gouaux Lab, where his research revolves around the structure and function of purinergic receptors. Steve has been affiliated with OHSU since 1996.

David, an assistant professor of Psychiatry, focuses on geriatric medicine. His practice includes a combination of dementia care and adult psychiatry, seeing patients with age-related psychiatric disorders linked to memory, cognitive impairment, depression and anxiety. He enjoys the complexity of care that goes into caring for older patients.

Lori says it was always her goal to work at OHSU because she knew about it from such a young age. She enjoyed visiting her brothers on campus while they were studying and wanted to be close to them – since she started in 2015, she’s been able to do just that, even meeting her brother at the OHSU Farmers Market for lunch during her orientation. Lori works with people who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues as a therapist at the Avel Gordly Center for Healing, a culturally-specific counseling center.

André, the youngest of the Mansoors, is an assistant professor of Medicine. Like his brothers, he attended the OHSU School of Medicine and did his residency at OHSU. As a hospitalist, he cares for patients with a variety of medical problems.

André remembers his mom’s passion for connecting with people in need through her work with Meals on Wheels. It was that same desire that drove him to pursue medicine.

“I wanted a career that would allow me to establish similar relationships,” he said.

The Mansoors’ mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2001 knowing that Steve and David had been accepted to the OHSU School of Medicine.

Steven, David, Lori and André are continuing their mom’s caring legacy and, like her, they continue to place family above all else. Steven and David lived together when they were in med school and André and Steven even did OB rotation nights together. The entire family gathers at their father’s home every Sunday for dinner and the siblings meet for lunch on the hill when they can.

“We’re a close-knit family,” Lori said. “We support each other with success and we’re vocal with one another about the things we love.”

“It all really began with our mom’s dream to help people,” Lori said. “OHSU will always be special to us.”

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