OHSU nurse midwives celebrating National Midwifery Week 2016

National Midwifery Week is supported by ACNM, its members, physicians, and women’s health organizations across the nation.

OHSU has a thriving faculty midwifery practice. OHSU’s midwifery graduate program has been ranked as one of the top Midwifery programs from U.S. News & World Report consistently since 2004.

Some of our faculty include:

  • Sally Hersh,D.N.P.,C.N.M. who received the Excellence in Teaching Award for graduate teaching chosen by the OHSU School of Nursing students. Sally teaches core coursework in the graduate nurse-midwifery academic program, precepts masters’ degree midwifery students in the busy faculty practice, and supervises DNP students during their final year of doctoral work.

  • Michele Megregian N.M., M.S.N., who published Ethics Education in Midwifery Education Programs in the United States
  • Ellen Tilden, Ph.D. Most recently The Wall Street Journal picked up her team’s research regarding the influence of group prenatal care and timing of hospital admission. She received the 2016 Early Career Achievement Award from the OHSU School of Nursing Alumni Association. Dr. Tilden’s current work includes examining the risks and benefits of giving birth inside and outside a hospital setting and she received broad media attention following her publication in The New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Tilden’s work is supported by a National Institutes of Health-funded BIRCWH K12 award made possible through the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the Office of Research on Women’s Health.
  • Retired faculty and midwife Carol Howe, an Elnora E. Thompson Distinguished Professor at OHSU, was presented with the 2016 Dorothea M. Land, Pioneer Award by the Certified Nurse Midwives Foundation, which honors exceptional certified nurse midwives who have exhibited vision and leadership. Carol is also the founding director of the OHSU Nurse-Midwifery Education Program. Carol dedicated over 35 years to educating midwifery students and practice in our clinic.

Our midwives have been caring for women across their lifespan since 1975. They educate the community on women’s health, including nutrition, sexual health, menopause and osteoporosis. OHSU midwives also offer prenatal care and provide compassionate, respectful and family-centered care. They also offer a water birth program that was established in 1997.

To learn more about becoming a Nurse-Midwife, please take a look at the OHSU School of nursing program pages.

To learn how to receive care from one of the OHSU midwives, please visit our website.