OHSU announces NCAA basketball team

March Madness is sweeping OHSU. As a new way to introduce Oregonians, and all Americans, to what OHSU offers, OHSU will once again have a basketball team beginning with the NCAA 2018 season. The team name and mascot will throw back to OHSU’s rich athletics department history, naming themselves after the former School of Dentistry’s team, the Yankers.

photo: OHSU library
OHSU Yankers. Photo: OHSU Historical Collections & Archives

The OHSU Yankers will play in the NCAA Division III Northwest Conference at first, which also includes the Pacific Lutheran Lutes and Lewis and Clark Pios. However, the 20 year vision for the Yankers will include leveling up to Division I status, taking on the likes of the University of Oregon.

The EdComm department has been secretly preparing for this launch and recently won the recreational league championship at the OHSU Student Center.

Sue Pertall, a player on the secret EdComm team, said of the announcement to join the NCAA, “That pizza we won in the Student Center championship was the best. There better be pizza in the NCAA. With pineapples.”

Want to join the Yankers?

Tryouts will be in the Student Center every night for the following week. Anyone over six feet is encouraged to try out. If you can successfully ride on your friend’s shoulders for at least 15 minutes at a time, you are also asked to consider joining the team.

photo: Jordan Sleeth
EdComm basketball team. Photo: Jordan Sleeth


April Fools’! Unfortunately, OHSU does not have an NCAA basketball team (yet). There will be no tryouts.

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  1. Thanks for this! School of Dentistry puts our Yankers memorabilia up every year for March Madness. Here’s to a successful run in 2018 🙂

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