Congratulations to the March 2019 ROSE Award recipients

OHSU’s ROSE (Recognizing Outstanding Service Excellence) Award program celebrates employees, students and volunteers who provide outstanding service beyond the normal scope of their jobs.

Meet this month’s recipients and learn why they were nominated below!

Red ROSE Award recipients

Yunah Lee, R.N., Medical ICU
Yunah showed me an exceptional amount of care and concern during an extremely difficult time. I was living on the streets and dependent on alcohol when I decided to sober up safely at OHSU. I was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and she was assigned as my nurse. She showed me a level of compassion that I haven’t seen in a long time. She talked to me about how I was feeling, knew how scared I was and made me feel safe. She told me what to expect and made sure to explain everything, including the medications and what happens during detox. I felt like I got the smartest, kindest nurse on the unit! She offered to wash my hair; it had been dirty for months and she helped me wash my hair right there in the ICU. What I am trying to say is that Yunah made me feel like a person. She made me feel human in my past and present, and I am not afraid to admit that I cried when she told me that she was proud of me for getting help. I don’t know if she’ll be recognized but she made me feel like a “somebody” and I hope she gets the biggest appreciation award! Her care changed my life medically but I also felt like I was seen as a person when I needed it the most. Let her know that I’m doing great!

Kevin Shores, R.N., Cardiovascular ICU 
Kevin took care of one of our ill postpartum mothers in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) who could not breastfeed due to concerns about the breastmilk’s effect on her newborn. Kevin was a champion for this patient to continue pumping to keep up her supply, as it was important to her financially, culturally and emotionally. He actively sought out our team’s advice about returning to breastfeeding and potential storage of breastmilk. I loved how he advocated for this new mother during a very vulnerable time and around a topic they are less used to on the CVICU.

Kathryn Peck, Social Media Manager 
As a hybrid team between the Strategic Communications and Marketing departments, the social media strategists sit in a unique spot over in Building 28. One day, an elderly man with a walker and his companion were wandering around the second floor of our building, clearly having lost their way. My manager, Kathryn, went out and greeted the two, asking them if they needed help. It turns out they were looking for the School of Nursing next door. She promptly put on her coat and walked them to the elevator, across the street and straight to the door of their appointment. I know they were supremely grateful and, most likely, had an engaging, lively chat with Kathryn along the way. More than anything, I think this story shows that by wearing the OHSU badge, we all serve the same team as torchbearers of service, no matter how small the action.

Sue Cordero, Medical Assistant, Doernbecher Pediatrics Westside
A family, including a mother, father and their 9-year-old daughter, came in to Doernbecher Pediatrics Westside. The daughter had had an asthma attack the previous evening. They were visiting the U.S. from China and spoke no English. They had neither an appointment, nor insurance. It was a scary situation for them! Sue went above and beyond to personally reassure the family, triage the girl’s symptoms and, with the help of interpreter services, find the nearest urgent care, working with them to ensure the girl got the soonest available appointment. She then took extra care to make sure the family understood where the appointment was and when. Thank you, Sue!

Team Award: Francisco Merino, Ismael Flores, Ruben Chitala, Clarence Richmond and Kenneth Hinau, Transportation and Delivery/Logistics/Delivery and Fleet Services
Over the last few years, my department has closed out five research labs. Each time, there is a huge amount of work to do to clear out old equipment. And each time, the Delivery and Fleet Services crew of Francisco, Ismael Ruben, Clarence and Kenneth show up with smiles on their faces, ready to dig in and literally do the heavy lifting. Our most recent clean-out involved sending old equipment to surplus and moving some equipment to other labs. No equipment move is simple, but even by those standards, this was a massive project – it required two and a half months of planning! On the day of the move, in just a mere four hours, the bulk of it was done: six incubators, five tissue culture hoods and four table-top centrifuges were either headed to surplus or in their new homes. This didn’t include the other refrigerators, freezers, and small equipment that needed to be moved before they could start with the larger items. When they returned from a break, they took extra time to make sure everything was safely installed, doing small things like ensuring double-stack incubators were properly bracketed on the back to keep from falling. They checked in throughout the move to make sure they were doing things properly. I can’t emphasize this enough – they were truly happy to be helping me with such a large project! I’ve worked with this same crew for years and this last move was the icing on the cake. OHSU can’t function as a research institution without the invaluable contributions of people who do things like this so that our faculty can continue their projects in as seamless of a manner as possible. The fact that these particular crew members tackle such dirty, difficult, and often thankless jobs with such a fantastic attitude is to be commended. Quite simply, I could not do my job without them!


Golden ROSE Award recipients

Michelle Gallego, Licensed Practical Nurse, Family Medicine 
Michelle is a Licensed Practical Nurse in our clinic. She found out that one of our patients, who was close to her delivery date, had not found a car seat and could not afford one. Michelle took the next two days calling at least eight local agencies to try and locate a free or reduced cost car seat. After many emails and phone calls she located a car seat and contacted a very happy mother-to-be. She even helped facilitate the scheduling of a class for the patient to learn how to use the seat. Listening to Michelle go so far out of her way to make sure this patient had what she needed gave me so much joy. She gave our patient so much support and encouragement. Her heart was really in it. She truly lived out the motto of “meeting your needs while exceeding your expectations.” This patient will now receive a free car seat for her newborn and will know how to use it to keep her baby safe. Michelle, you are amazing!

Matthew Bell, PAS Specialist, Orthopedics
We had a patient who was experiencing difficulties with their transportation. The company providing transport was not updating the patient, so Mathew stepped in to help. He proceeded to call the company every hour on the hour to ensure the patient would get picked up. At 5:00 p.m., the patient was still in our waiting room. At this time, we discovered the ride was cancelled and the patient had not been informed. This patient was on non-weight bearing orders and was having a hard time complying with this. I was going to stay by myself to wait for them to get back to their facility since our clinic was still open. Mathew proceeded to clock off at his assigned time and waited with me and the patient. He stayed to ensure the patient did not fall while trying to use the restroom multiple times. He helped me search for an Uber that was wheelchair accessible, call Metro West and call the patient’s transportation line. Around 7:00 p.m., we were able to get the patient’s facility to pay for a ride to safely take them home. Mathew always goes above and beyond when it comes to our patients. He follows up with transportation, ensuring they are prompt and patients do not experience situations like this. In addition to all of his other work, Matthew makes sure our patients have the best experience from start to finish. He is vital to our department and deserves to be acknowledged for his efforts, especially in this particular situation. Thank you, Mathew, for all you do!


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  1. Hi Lisa, my son Ethan Frechette is a nurse at the Parkinson’s unit here at OHSU. He recently wrote and published a book entitled “A Civil War Within” a fictional story about self esteem with some real life struggles from his own story. Ethan has an amazing heart and is a valued employee already at OHSU, would you consider doing a piece on him? thank you, Neal Frechette

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