Integrating the OHSU Practice Plan into OHSU Health

By Drs. Sharon Anderson and John Hunter

Nov. 1, 2019 — With OHSU President Danny Jacobs’ finalization of the OHSU 2025 strategic plan and the upcoming launch of OHSU Health, the new brand for our health system (consisting of OHSU Hospital, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Tuality Healthcare, Adventist Health Portland and 52 clinic locations in the metro area), we are excited to begin executing on the plan to integrate the OHSU Practice Plan (OPP) into our steadily expanding system.

Starting on Jan. 1 with the initiation of the new roles of Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) and Chief of Ambulatory and Professional Practice (CAPP, formerly the CEO of the OHSU Practice Plan), clinical practices in the schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health, will be increasingly supported by health system operations.

Central to this plan is the imperative to solicit and receive guidance and leadership from department chairs, division chiefs and other OHSU members as participants in service and service line leadership, as well as on a number of advisory councils. These councils will replace some existing groups and buttress or modify other committee structures.

As we knit our care and management processes together across our system, we need to simplify, accelerate, and drive decision making deeper into the organization. We do this to respond quickly to market forces and to deliver on the OHSU 2025 objectives, strategies and tactics. To simplify funds flow, beginning in FY 21 (2020-21), we will hold clinical overhead cost allocation (OCA) centrally, discontinue the provider-based billing transfer and shift payment of University Medical Group (UMG) taxes, making the necessary adjustments to hold departments harmless in the process. OHSU Health will continue to equitably support departments’ members and their academic endeavors through research and education support, as well as support of clinical compensation.

Please walk with us as we march forward. We will make mistakes, and there may be some clunkiness. We promise to make every effort to get it right, to listen and adjust, and to remain true to our mission, vision and values.

Sharon Anderson, M.D., FASN, FAHA, MACP
Dean, OHSU School of Medicine
Chair, OHSU Practice Plan
Executive Vice President, OHSU

John Hunter, M.D., FACS
CEO, OHSU Health
Executive Vice President, OHSU

Please note: Documents relevant to this process will be posted on the OHSU Practice Plan website as they are produced.

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