OHSU Brain Institute experts at the cutting edge of treating stroke

With stroke, time is brain. When people suffer strokes, they need certain medical treatments within a limited amount of time, or their brains can be so damaged that they will have permanent disabilities.

That’s why the OHSU Telemedicine Network is so vital in stroke treatment for hundreds of thousands of rural Oregonians. The network allows experts with the Oregon Stroke Center at the OHSU Brain Institute to use a two-way audio-video robot to collaborate with physicians at hospitals throughout Oregon seeing patients who might have suffered strokes. The network allows the OHSU stroke experts to quickly assess a patient’s condition through the audio-video link and prescribe immediate treatments if they are needed.

Read more about it at OHSU’s 96K blog.

New technology also is allowing doctors to see inside the brains of stroke victims in new ways — and help patients completely recover from stroke in cases where a full recovery would have been impossible before.

The technology allows stroke experts to see which parts of the brain have been too injured by the stroke to save, and which parts were affected by low blood flow but can be saved if treated immediately. You can also read more about this life-changing technology at the 96K blog.