There’s an app for that! How mobile devices can help memory and planning

Over the last few years we have had a surge in the availability and affordability of “apps” or programs that can run on your phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Many apps promise to make life easier and more convenient. It is sometimes difficult to know if the app stands up to those claims, or whether it would just be easier to set an alarm by the bed, look at a paper calendar on the wall—just like in the good ol’ days.

I think it is best to at least try some new things and choose what works best for you. You may be surprised at how easy many of these apps are to use and how they really can help you.

MEMORY – Memory aids such as lists, diaries, clocks and clear, written instructions can help jog your memory. 

Pill Time – $0.99. Helps you keep track of medicine and remind you when you need to take them. It takes a while to get them all entered, but once you do it is fairly easy to use. There are lots of pill reminder programs. Find one that fits you the best.

Spaced Retrieval TherAppy – FREE. So you did spaced retrieval with your speech therapist and now you want to do more at home with your loved one? Use this app to track how long items have been recalled for and what the next interval should be.

COGNITIVE EXERCISES – Brain training exercises to help with your brain’s ability to learn and think. 

Lumosity – FREE. Features include: daily games, a good introduction if you are considering the full online version ($14.99/month). Fun and easy to use.

BrainHQ – FREE. Features include: daily games, also a good introduction to the full online version.

MINDFULNESS/RELAXATION – Beneficial for many things such as disease and pain management, sleep, and control of emotions.

Breathe2relax – FREE. Originally developed for Veterans returning with PTSD. This app allows you to complete breathing for relaxation exercises with visual and auditory instructions

The Mindfulness App – $1.99. Takes you through several relaxation exercises.

PLANNERS/ORGANIZERS – Keeps all the important things in one place. 

Things. $9.99 – A good task manager- it helps get life done. Features include: to-do lists with reminders, projects with specific action items, daily to-do.

Evernote – FREE. Organizes information across devices. Set tasks, reminders,appointments, take notes, pictures.


AppSPD life – FREE. Developed by the Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies. Features include: Record all of your medications and dosages, schedule reminders to ensure you take your medications on time, track and improveyour ability to take medications on time, track and report timing of your “On/Off” periods, track and report your symptoms and side effects, track and report your “PD Life Score”, take your device with you to your next healthcare visit – make it part of your normal healthcare dialogue.

Parkinson’s Central Smartphone App – FREE. National Parkinson’s Foundation. Features include: “Near Me” tool to find resources in your area, how to get the most out of doctor visits, ins and outs of diagnosis and medicationmanagement, tips on how to live well with Parkinson’s, information about insurance and finance, special caregiver content.

Most of these programs are available in both Apple and Android formats.

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Michal Rubin, CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist who specializes in rehabilitation of language, speech and cognitive-linguistic deficits.  She currently works at OHSU’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Department.