The Neurology Wellness clinic provides an integrated approach to pain

According to a recent Food and Drug Administration report, over 42% of Americans suffer chronic pain and over 10% of those are disabled due to pain.

Undoubtedly our busy schedules with multiple stressors, sedentary lifestyles and poor health habits are contributing to this problem.

Recent years have seen a surge in acupuncture research with strong evidence of its effectiveness for the treatment of chronic low-back pain, migraine and tension headache, carpal tunnel syndrome and most recently – neuropathic pain.

In the Neurology Wellness clinic we apply evidence-based acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary supplements and lifestyle modification advice for the treatment of headache, musculoskeletal pain such as neck and back pain, muscle spasms, neuropathic pain, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety and stress and many other painful conditions.

Our team has 2 practitioners:

  • Dr. Alexandra Dimitrova, MD, MA is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at OHSU, who trained in medical acupuncture at Harvard University. Following Neurology residency training at Columbia University, Dr. Dimitrova pursued a Post-doctoral research fellowship at OHSU’s ORCCAMIND (Oregon Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Neurologic Disorders). Her research focus has been to localize and characterize the effect of acupuncture on the peripheral nervous system, correlating the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of meridians to peripheral nerves. Dr. Dimitrova is funded for these studies by the National Institutes of Health. She strives to be a compassionate and competent physician and to treat the whole person, not just the condition.
  • Ms. Annette (Zoe) Fallian BA, BS, MAOM is a licensed acupuncturist and an adjunct instructor at OHSU, who trained at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago and later at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM). Using her expertise in acupuncture and herbal medicine, she strives to find a unique and personalized approach to each patient’s condition and address not only the physical, but also the emotional aspects of health and wellbeing.

The Neurology Wellness Clinic is located at the Center for Health and Healing, in the Neurology Department, 3303 SW Bond Ave, Portland, OR 97239. We are accepting new patients and the number to call and schedule is 503-494-7772.


Alexandra Dimitrova, MD is an Assistant Professor in Neurology at OHSU, who sees patients with headache and pain in the Neurology Wellness Clinic. In her practice she integrates traditional neurologic treatments with acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle changes and other complementary and integrative treatments.



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    1. Yes, all treatments are partially covered, with copay, which depends on the type of OHSU insurance one has. Typically the copay is 20%. We have an insurance screener who checks into cost prior to beginning therapy.

      ~Alexandra Dimitrova

    1. In some cases a patient’s insurance may require a referral. Our clinic staff can help answer any questions. Give them a call at 503-494-7772.

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