Caregiver Corner: Every gift counts

As the lead of Outreach, Recruitment and Engagement at the Layton Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Center, I often meet people who want to donate to our center. We are dependent on families like the Laytons and people like you to provide the extra support we need. We simply can’t do our work without your generosity. Every gift matters. 

Along with the financial boost, your gifts send a powerful message of support for our team. Working on identifying treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, and effective ways to support families, takes determination and a commitment to the “marathon” of this kind of work. We love our work, but like any team, we need fans like you to cheer us on.

That’s why we were very excited and surprised to receive a generous gift of over $24,000 from the Fraternal Order of the Eagles in June. This vibrant, determined community group pooled their resources from all around Oregon to provide this impactful gift.  They presented it to me at their annual convocation. It was very exciting for all of us. I was speechless with gratitude.

Again, every gift makes a difference. If you want to support our efforts, please use the enclosed envelope or make your gift online at: If you’d like to talk to me about our Center, I’d love to chat.  You’re welcome to call me at 503-494-6976. As always, share your ideas with all of us. Follow me on Twitter: @AllisonLindauer

Thank you to those of you who support this critical work with your gifts, and to the Eagles, for their generosity.

Support is available—call us at 503-494-7467 to learn about our caregiver programs. In addition, the Multnomah County Family Caregiver Support Program – 503-988-3646 – and The Alzheimer’s Association, are sources of support, 800-272-3900. Oregon Care Partners offers free caregiver training on-line: