Nothing Stops Mrs. Claus – Juanita’s Essential Tremor Story

Juanita Lint was diagnosed with Essential Tremors more than 15 years ago. As someone who had worked in high-level leadership positions, she found it frustrating to lead meetings or speak in front of her team and appeared nervous because of her tremors. Work would also be challenging because she would often double or triple strike letters on the keyboard. Writing was strenuous and many times not readable.

At home, she relied more and more on her husband, Richard, to help carry food or beverages. All that changed in May 2022, when she discovered Focused Ultrasound as a potential treatment for her tremors.

At the time, OHSU was the only hospital in Oregon to offer Focused Ultrasound for Essential tremor or tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease. Juanita scheduled a consultation with Dr. Ahmed Raslan and was approved for the procedure on Nov. 9, 2022.

“I had a muddled brain and some extra knee pain in my right knee for about four weeks after the procedure, but the tremors on the right side were gone immediately after the procedure.”

Juanita wants to share her story because it changed her life, and she encourages everyone who has tremors to consider Focused Ultrasound as an option. She also wants to thank Dr. Raslan, Christine Larsen R.N., and the entire OHSU team who helped her.

“I am so happy I went through the procedure. After it was finished that day, I had a small nap and a relatively normal day.”

Today, Juanita considers her recovery to be complete on the right side and can’t wait until the other side gets approved.* But she is slowly getting used to the unexpected side effects of having a shaved head.

“Losing my hair was a big deal for me. I bought some wigs (which I love) a couple of weeks before the procedure. In addition, my husband has taken pictures of my hair growth every week since the procedure which has been interesting.”

“Also, we play Santa and Mrs. Claus during the holiday season so when I bought my wigs, I bought one that had grayer tones to it to fit with Mrs. Claus. It was perfect, and I loved it.”

*Note: As of January 2023, patients with essential tremor can now have their second side treated with focused ultrasound at least nine months after the initial procedure. This “second side” procedure may also be referred to as bilateral treatment.

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