A welcome from Dr. Stacy Nicholson

Welcome! I am delighted to author the inaugural post on the OHSU Doernbecher blog, “Healthy Families.” Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked hard to bring talented faculty and staff from across the country and around the world to elevate the care OHSU Doernbecher provides kids in Oregon, Southwest Washington and beyond. And, our efforts have been recognized: six of our specialty services rank among the best in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report 2012-13 Best Children’s Hospitals.

However, I feel our own community doesn’t always fully understand the gem that is Doernbecher. This blog, which will be authored by a number of OHSU Doernbecher faculty, nurses, staff and patient families, will tell our story and help our friends get to know us better.

What makes Doernbecher special? First, we have a great facility. The “new” OHSU Doernbecher opened in 1998. Fourteen years later, we wouldn’t change much – other than to make it a bit bigger. Providing families private rooms and having most of our support services (operating rooms, diagnostic and procedure rooms, outpatient clinics) in the same building has helped us build the programs that our kids need and deserve. In our hospital building, we have a great tool.

Second, as part of a nationally ranked Academic Health Center, OHSU Doernbecher is able to take advantage of all the research and resources that OHSU has to offer. This significantly impacts our clinical work on both ends of childhood.

Together with colleagues in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, we developed the OHSU Doernbecher Fetal Therapy Program in 2011. Our specialists work with families before birth to develop a comprehensive individual plan of care for the treatment of fetal abnormalities shortly after birth.

At the other end of childhood, we are better able than most children’s hospitals to develop programs that ensure a smooth transition for our patients with chronic childhood illness to adult medical care. OHSU provides OHSU Doernbecher a rich environment.

Most importantly, Doernbecher is the sum of the people who work here – they are our treasure. Our building and being part of OHSU help us recruit some of the most talented pediatric nurses, physicians and scientists in the world. With the expertise of these talented individuals, we have created (and continue to

develop) a culture that ensures the highest-quality care and service excellence. We monitor patient outcomes and benchmark ourselves against the highest-performing institutions in the country. While we do well in most areas, we never will be satisfied — no matter how good we are, can’t we do even better?

The people who work here have developed outstanding, nationally recognized programs in pediatric cancer, bone marrow transplantation, heart surgery, trauma, epilepsy and neonatology, among others – I couldn’t be more proud.

We are always working to bring new programs and services to Oregon and Southwest Washington. “Healthy Families” will help bring these accomplishments out of Doernbecher and into the community. I can’t wait to share our stories and let our great community know why I love to come to work every day.


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  1. Dr. Nicholson is an extraordinary leader who has developed world class medical care for our children in the Pacific Northwest. Our family has personally experienced the phenomenon, known as Doernbecher. I am forever encouraging friends and strangers to be thankful for this institution in our back yard. And I’m grateful for all the businesses and individuals who continue to support it. Thank you to all the”angels” who work there and those who give back.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful compliment! I’ll pass on your note to Dr. Nicholson.

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