John L. Scott’s longtime support of Doernbecher harkens back to the hospital’s first-ever radiothon

John L. Scott team

My father was a pediatrician and my mother is a nurse, so I grew up around hospitals and medical offices.

That exposure has given me an appreciation for how difficult it can be to provide the care necessary for families and children, and Doernbecher has been a strong leader in the community, providing children’s health and supporting families that need assistance.

It means a lot to me that the company I work for has an 80-plus year tradition of community giving and supporting children’s health care.

What’s incredible is that the contribution of both time and money comes not only from the top, but from nearly every one of our employees and broker associates. It always feels good to partner with people that share your passion for children and our community.

The John L. Scott Foundation was formed in 1997 and supports events that have helped raise more than $7 million last year for children’s hospitals throughout the Northwest.

Our mission is to help kids stay healthy and get home as soon as possible. That’s why John L. Scott and OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital are a natural fit. Their partnership has continued to grow and thrive every year since it first began at Doernbecher’s inagural Radiothon in 2001.

Joe Reitzug, vice president, John L. Scott R.E.

The radiothon is an event that I really enjoy doing. You get to interact with the public who are so generously donating, and the event is located in the hospital lobby so it really hits home with how important it is.

My wife and I had some personal interaction with Doernbecher many years ago, and that has really provided a lot of passion for helping them further their mission.

It’s just a really neat way to help out. This is a time of being thankful and for giving. That’s really what Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and the John L. Scott Foundation are all about.

Joe Reitzug
Vice President
Residential Operations for Oregon and Southwest Washington
John L. Scott Real Estate

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