Children’s safety begins at home

“Be Prepared,” the motto of Boy Scouts, could also be adopted by parents of 6-month-old babies. When they begin to roll, scoot, crawl and pull-up on furniture, it’s time to child-proof the home.

Using safety products like baby gates, toilet locks, window stops and furniture wall straps can reduce injuries in the home. While nothing takes the place of the watchful eye of an adult, the correct use of childproofing products does buy caregivers time to react and helps keep children safe.

OHSU Doernbecher’s Tom Sargent Children’s Safety Center recommends that families consider installing the following items in their homes:

  • Plug protectors in all electrical outlets and power cord strip covers to prevent access to electricity and reduce the chance of shock.
  • Furniture wall straps to secure heavy furniture to walls and prevent it from tipping over on a child. Bookcases, chests of drawer and television cabinets are all good candidates.
  • Window stops for all second-story and above ground windows. It is recommended that windows be blocked at a four-inch opening, this allows air circulation in a room but prevents window falls. Do not place anything under a window that would allow a child to climb up and access the window. Keep windows “Kid-Free Zones.”
  • Wall-mounted gates at the top of stairs and pressure-mounted gates at the bottom of stairs will help reduce falls.
  • Toilet locks can reduce the chance of drowning. In the bathroom, we remind families to never leave a child alone in the tub and be sure to store all cleaners and medications up and out of the way of children.
  • We also encourage all families to post the number for Oregon Poison Center 1-800-222-1222 by home phones and in all caregivers cell phones.

The OHSU Doernbecher “Child-Proof” Safety Checklist can help you protect your child from unnecessary injury.

OHSU Doernbecher’s Tom Sargent Children’s Safety Center is dedicated to reducing childhood injuries and we invite you to contact us with your questions about childproofing, car seats or sports helmets. We’re here to help you keep your child safe at home and on the go. Visit our websiteor call us at 503 418-5666for more information.