Nine fifth-grade philanthropists take on the Knight Cancer Challenge

Nine young ladies, inspired by Phil and Penny Knight’s cancer challenge, raised $400 weaving and selling bracelets to their family, friends and neighbors to help “end cancer as we know it.” The girls presented a check to cancer research Dr. Bill Chang at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Oct. 15. Thank you, Looms for the Cure!

Looms for the Cure presents $400 check to Dr. Bill Chang

At first two of us were making popular bracelets out of colored rubber bands. As the bracelets got more and more popular, two more girls started to think of selling the bracelets in the school. We needed more people to make the bracelets if we were going to sell them and in the end there were nine girls involved.

All of us are fifth-graders at Bonny Slope Elementary.

Looms for the Cure bracelets

We started to think of ideas about how we could take action while doing it.  Then we came up with the idea to help cancer research because there are a lot of people who are affected by it. All of us really liked that idea, because we hoped we could make a difference. We care about people who are affected by cancer and want to help them.

We hope our donation can help OHSU reach the cure!

We are the Looms for the Cure!



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  1. This is very touching! and a challenge to us all from 5th-graders. Go Loom for the Cure!!!! You girls rock! I am your number one fan……….

  2. Are these awesome artists taking any more orders? I hear a yellow and turquoise bracelet calling my name…

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