Introducing Nike Doernbecher Freestyle designers for 2013 — Ross Hathaway

Ross Hathaway, 11 (photo by Dan Root)

To say Ross Hathaway is an active kid would be putting it lightly. Ross can land a 180 on his skis and pull some pretty cool tricks on his skateboard. He even had a black belt in taekwondo. Just be careful when you ask for a demonstration – you may find yourself flat on your back.  Pretty impressive for any kid – especially impressive for one who lives with cystic fibrosis (CF). Ross has been fighting the disease since kindergarten, and with the help of experts in the OHSU Doernbecher Cystic Fibrosis Clinic, he has seen remarkable improvement in his health.

But instead of letting it slow him down, Ross and his family have thrown their energy into raising money for research with their Cozies for a Cure.  “They’re these pillows that you can heat up and put around your neck,” he said. “I help pick the patterns, and the whole family helps make them – even my dog Finn loves them. We sell them at the farmer’s markets and stuff.”

Now Ross finds himself selling to a far larger market – one that’s going to be clamoring for his Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski skate shoe. He says he carefully considered his audience when coming up with the design. “As a skater, I thought a lot about how it would look against the board,” he explained.

Ross’ Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski skate shoe (photo by Paul Wegman)

The result is a shoe that Janoski himself would be proud to roll in. The uppers feature dimensional pops of color inspired by the crystals in Ross’ rock collection. You’ll find a pair of lungs on the outsole; inside a digital rose that is a nod to 65 roses, which is what some kids with CF call their disease since it’s easier to pronounce). And just for good measure, Ross threw a couple of palm trees around the logo to reflect his love of tropical places.

While they look great on a skateboard, Ross’ shoes are built for all kinds of serious action. Like helping OHSU Doernbecher find a cure for CF.

Ross’ shoes include a set of lungs on the soles (photo by Paul Wegman)

“Ross and his family have an awesome outlook regarding his diagnosis. For Ross, cystic fibrosis (CF) is a part of him but it does not define him.  He does his treatments daily but then he really puts CF aside and lives and amazing adventurous life.”Michael Powers, M.D., head, Division of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

The 2013 limited-edition Doernbecher Freestyle Collection includes apparel and footwear and will be sold at and at Nike retail locations across the country. All proceeds benefit OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

See more photos of Ross’ shoe and apparel.

Ashley Schmidt
Associate Director of Development
OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation