Introducing Nike Doernbecher Freestyle designers for 2013 — Bella Stone

Bella stone, 9 (Photo by Matthew Scott)

Nine-year-old Bella Stone is spunky. She’s ambitious. She’s outgoing. And more than anything, she’s a miracle.  “She wasn’t expected to survive when she was born,” explained her mom, Jessica. “So we call her miracle baby girl.”

Twenty surgeries and one brand-new kidney later, Bella has certainly lived up to the name. And she plans on defying the odds even more by becoming the world’s first combination singer-doctor-actor-dentist (we told you she was ambitious).

Bella approached the design of her shoe with the same unstoppable energy. Her custom kicks have everything a girl could ever want: pink sparkles, rainbow colors, and a big heart with a kidney-shaped accent. (The heart is for her Aunt Chrissy; she donated one of her kidneys when Bella was just 2 years old.)

Other sweet details include a “B” surrounded by 20 hearts – one for each of her operations performed by the OHSU Doernbecher surgical team. The words Live, Dream, Hope and Faith circle the outsole, and an embroidered microphone reflects her passion for music.“I love to sing!  I know most of the Broadway musicals by heart,” she explained.

Bella Ston’es Nike Free 5.0

Although Bella has been bursting with excitement about being a Freestyle designer, she dutifully kept her promise not to reveal any details about her shoe before the auction. “People were always asking to see it – even my chiropractor! But I’ve been keeping it a secret really good,” she explained.

A secret no longer, Bella’s Nike Free 5.0 is now ready to share with the world – and she couldn’t be happier. “It’s such a fun, amazing shoe!” she said. Just like the miracle girl who created it.

Bella’s initial is surrounded by 20 hearts, each representing a surgery at OHSU Doernbecher (photo by Paul Wegman)

“Bella has been conversant, charming and artistic her whole life. She engages children and adults with warmth, intelligence and a truly vibrant personality.  She well represents a chronically ill child whose outlook on life is refreshing beyond anyone’s expectations.” — David Rozansky, M.D., Ph.D., head, Division of Pediatric Nephrology, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

The 2013 limited-edition Doernbecher Freestyle Collection includes apparel and footwear and will be sold at and at Nike retail locations across the country. All proceeds benefit OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

Ashley Schmidt
Associate Director of Development
OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation