Portland Superheroes bring adventure, make-believe to ‘super kids’ at Doernbecher

The Portland Superheroes Coalition first came to OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital through a family’s request to brighten their little girl’s stay — she absolutely loved one of the superheroes. The family was gracious enough to allow the visit to be shared with other patients in the hospital. This event was so well received by patients and their families that we asked the Portland Superheroes to visit patients on a quarterly basis, and they answered with a resounding “YES!”

They have visited twice, and will continue to visit on a quarterly basis. They draw from a pool of 50 different super hero characters, enlisting the services of six superheroes and two support staff each visit. Pictures are taken with patients, siblings, parents and staff members.

It’s a wonderful visit of make-believe, with super heroes visiting super kids!

The Portland Superheroes Coalition originally started as a response to the Aurora shooting, but it sat dormant for months not knowing what direction it should go.

Then in February 2013, after attending Wizard World Portland, a comic book and media convention, it was decided a group should be created where members can all meet on a regular basis to do positive things in the community. The official membership is always growing and Portland Superheroes have participated in more than 20 community events and fundraisers.

It is all done freely by member volunteers. Events are usually scheduled via email.

“We have never created our own events. We just go where we are wanted or needed. We are simply a group of volunteers who enjoy comic books, movies, pop culture, and are able to volunteer time to help out in the community.” — Portland Superheroes

Thank you Portland Superheroes!

Beth Christian
Certified Child Life Specialist
OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital



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  1. As a relative of one of those volunteer “superheroes”, I can tell you they love what they do and they love the fact that the kids really do like seeing them.

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