2015 in review: It’s all about the patients

Social media is great for connecting families, patients, employees, donors and community members with one another and with the hospital as a whole. We love sharing Doernbecher stories and news to help foster a sense of community and provide a space where folks can support one another, get advice from experts and learn how they can give back.

Below you’ll find this year’s most-read blog posts. Happy reading!


1. Meet Hope, Doernbecher’s hospital facility dog 
Our chief canine officer, Hope, was a hit from the moment she stepped her paws inside Doernbecher. This post explains more about her training, her personality and how she’s bringing hope to our halls.

2. Eleven things your ‘well child’ wants you to know
Pediatric resident Dr. Antwon Chavis shares how his brother’s autism defined him as a “well child” and shares 11 tips for parents and families with special needs children.

3. Isaiah’s Doernbecher story
Isaiah’s mom, Melissa, shares what it was like discovering her son had a brain tumor and offers tips for parents (stay away from Google!) who are going through similar challenges.

4. Once upon a time: Mae Lin’s Doernbecher story
You’ve probably heard Mae Lin on the radio! She was born when her mom, Dr. Dawn Nolt, was only 28 weeks pregnant. Dr. Nolt walks us through what it was like being both a mother and a doctor in the hospital where her daughter was treated and shares her pint-sized hero’s NICU story. Click here to listen to Mae Lin’s radio spot!

5. Five things you might not know about cancer survivorship
Dr. Susanne Duvall
and Dr. Caroline Grantz shared five helpful tips for patients and families who have completed active treatment for cancer. A great resource for family members and friends who want to know how to support survivors and caregivers, too!

6. Six strategies to improve your baby’s sleep skills
Part of an ongoing series, sleep expert Dr. Elizabeth Super shares six common-sense approaches for breezier ZZZs.

7. Behind the scenes: Doernbecher Freestyle XII
For the first time, we went behind the scenes of the Doernbecher Freestyle program, where our patients are teamed up with Nike designers and developers to create custom shoes and apparel. The Nike team weighed in on why the program is so important and impactful for them – and why it’s the highlight of their year.

8. Our lemonade experience: the Charles family’s story
Doernbecher Freestyle patient-designer John Charles was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease last year. His parents, Tony and Mary Charles, explain how his diagnosis impacted their family and why they’re so committed to building awareness for others dealing with Crohn’s. Fun fact: John Charles can swallow seven pills at once!

9. A ‘purrfect’ pair: Meet Doernbecher volunteers Huck and Carol
Big cat, big smiles. You’ve likely seen Huck Finn and his human, Carol, wheeling around the halls of Doernbecher. Huck, a Maine Coon cat with a “checkered past,” has an enormous impact on our patients and families.

10. The vaccine every teenager needs
Dr. Jennifer Edman explains why the HPV vaccine is important for all teenagers (yep, girls and boys!) and when they should get vaccinated to prevent infection from the most common strains of HPV.