MD 4KIDS: Your family’s health care questions answered

Small child outdoors blowing nose into a tissue

The return to in-person schooling and workplaces means we’re interacting with more people – and more germs – than many of us have in more than a year.

With cold and flu season here and an increased chance of sports or playground injuries, you may have questions or concerns about your child’s health.

Screenshot of mobile phone app. Title is MD4KIDS. Icon options include MyChart, Find a Doc, Locations, Symptoms, Make Appt, Virtual Visit, Services, Emergency, Health Tools, My Info, Meds, Donate, Contact, Feedback and SettingsOHSU Doernbecher’s MD 4KIDS app is available 24/7 to help simplify the process of managing your child’s health and offer peace of mind about common illnesses.

It’s designed with the understanding that health issues can happen any time – nights, weekends, when you’re working or traveling or when your doctor’s office is closed.

You can turn to the app for answers to questions like:

  • “How can I tell whether my child has a cold, the flu or allergies?”
  • “Are these dark spots on my son’s neck a rash or something more serious?”
  • How do I know if my child’s symptoms might be COVID-19 or something else?
  • “Is my daughter’s passion for video games a bad thing?”
  • “When can I send my child back to school after a sick day?”
  • “My son has been complaining that his toe hurts for days. Should I take him to the ER?”

Dr. Hayes Bakken, a pediatrician at OHSU Doernbecher’s pediatrics clinic on Marquam Hill recommends the app to all her patients.

“Most minor illnesses and injuries don’t require an ER visit,” she said. “The app really helps parents make smart decisions about what they can manage on their own and gives them ways to quickly relieve their child’s symptoms.”

MD 4KIDS brings you the same trusted health information that OHSU and providers across the country share during office visits. If your child needs treatment, it will help you decide whether to get emergency care, see a doctor within 24 hours or wait for office hours.

Learn more and download the app for iOS or Android.

The app also allows you to check medication dosage charts for your child, access expert advice for common parenting concerns, schedule an appointment at an OHSU Doernbecher clinic, and log into your family’s MyChart account to connect with your provider.