Three DMICE investigators are authors of traumatic brain injury guidelines

Dr. Nancy Carney
Dr. Nancy Carney

Three faculty and staff of the Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE) were authors of the 4th Edition of the Guidelines for the Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, published online in the journal Neurosurgery.

Nancy Carney, Ph.D., research associate professor, Annette M. Totten, Ph.D., assistant professor, and Cindy O’Reilly, research associate, of the Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center, were the first three authors of the guidelines, published online on September 20, 2016.

The updated guidelines provide recommendations for 18 monitoring and treatment topics for patients with severe traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, including surgical procedures, the use of monitors that measure intracranial pressure, preventing and treating brain swelling, and nutrition.


Dr. Annette Totten
Dr. Annette Totten

National experts in neurosurgery, neuro-intensive care, and neuro-trauma, led by the Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center at OHSU and the Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF), spent six years evaluating research studies and developing evidence-based recommendations for the in-hospital management of severe TBI.

This is the first update since the third edition was published in 2007. Going forward, the guidelines will be updated as new scientific research becomes available.


Cindy O'Reilly
Cindy O’Reilly

“In the past, the guidelines were updated about once a decade,” said lead author Dr. Carney. “From here forward, we are implementing a system which will provide updates in real time, as new information becomes available. This is an important improvement in the delivery of evidence-based information to the brain trauma community, and should result in better outcomes for patients.”

Dr. Carney has worked on TBI guidelines since 2003.

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