OHSU Informatics to Have Major Presence at AMIA 2016

Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE) faculty, staff and students will lead a strong presence from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) at the American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium (AMIA 2016) to be held in Chicago, Ill. November 12-16, 2016.

One highlight of the symposium is that two teams from DMICE are in the top three finalists for the fourth annual Student Design Challenge. These two teams will give podium presentations as well as display posters on their research. Student teams from 2014 and 2015 won top honors in this competition the previous two years.

Students Dana Womack, M.S. Steven Chamberlin, N.D., and Ian Stavros will present, SocialVue: Making Social Determinants of Health Visible in the EHR, while Matthew Sundling, Ph.D., Vincent Caruso, M.S., Kristen Stevens, and Geoffrey Schau, M.S. will present, Chronic Disease Monitoring with PrecisionPatientLedger and RAPID3.

A third DMICE team, students Raja Cholan, Jennifer Pacheco, Gene Ren, and Laura Hickerson, were finalists in the Student Design Challenge with their project, Personalized Heart Disease Risk Manager: A Tool for Patients and Clinicians to Manage Cardiovascular Risk, and will present a poster at the AMIA symposium.

Several DMICE research groups will give podium presentations at the symposium.

Professor and vice chair Joan Ash, Ph.D., will present, Clinical Decision Support for Worker Health: A Qualitative Study of Five Primary Care Settings, which has DMICE co-authors assistant professor Dian Chase, Ph.D., and Jane Wiesen, Ph.D.

Dr. Ash will also present, Studying Readiness for Clinical Decision Support for Worker Health Using the Rapid Assessment Process and Mixed Methods Interviews, also with Drs. Chase and Wiesen as co-authors as well as Elizabeth Murphy. M.D.

Assistant professor Vishnu Mohan, M.D., M.B.I., will present, Using Simulations to Improve Electronic Health Record Use, Clinician Training and Patient Safety: Recommendations From A Consensus Conference, with DMICE-affiliated co-authors Deborah Woodcock, M.B.A., Gretchen Scholl, Julie Doberne, M.D., Ph.D. ‘16, professor Jeffrey Gold, M.D., and Drs. Chase and Ash.

A Mixed Methods Task Analysis of the Implementation and Validation of EHR-Based Clinical Quality Measures will be presented by assistant professor Nicole Weiskopf, Ph.D. Her co-authors include professor Aaron Cohen, M.D., M.S., and professor and vice chair David Dorr, M.D, M.S. as well as Ms. Woodcock.

Other special presentations include a tutorial by professor Michael Chiang, M.D., Disseminating Informatics Knowledge: Peer-review and Scholarly Publications and a Clinical Research Informatics Working Group Pre-symposium, The Emerging Role of the Chief Research Informatics Officer in Academic Medical Centers, involving research associate Kate Fultz Hollis, M.S., and professor emerita Judith Logan, M.D., M.S.

Dr. Dorr, who served on the AMIA scientific program committee, is participating in a panel, From the Trenches – Issues Facing Clinical Informatics Administrative Clinicians in the Primary Care Setting.

In addition to the three student design challenge posters, there will be seven posters displayed by DMICE faculty and staff:

  • Dr. Ash is a co-author of A Systematic Review of The Types And Causes Of Prescribing Errors Generated From Using Computerized Provider Order Entry Systems in Primary and Secondary Care.
  • Assistant professor Stephen Wu, Ph.D., senior research assistant Tamara Timmons, M.D., and professor and chair William Hersh, M.D., are authors of Development of Test Topics for Cohort Identification.
  • Dr. Wu also has a poster on Restoring Line Breaks in Epic-derived Clinical Notes with Dr. Timmons as a co-author along with assistant professor Steven Bedrick, Ph.D.
  • A third poster in which Dr. Wu is an author is A Part-Of-Speech Weighting Scheme for Clinical Information Retrieval.
  • Dr. Dorr and his research group are presenting two posters, A Qualitative Analysis of Electronic Clinical Quality Measures Development and Data Validation, with co-authors research assistant Nicholas Colin, former research assistant Shelby Martin, Bhavaya Sachdeva, M.P.H, and Mr. Cholan.
  • Dr. Dorr’s research group is also presenting, Confidence in Methodologies to Accurately Predict Risk Stratification in Primary Care Practices,with DMICE co-authors research assistant Jesse Wagner, M.A., former research assistant Lindsey Watson, and Ms. Sachdeva.
  • Finally, a poster on Comparison of Electronic Health Record Data Sources to a Gold Standard Patient Data Set in Correctly Identifying Chronic Conditions is from authors Ms. Martin and Drs. Weiskopf and Dorr.

The OHSU Biomedical Informatics Program will also be an exhibitor at the AMIA Symposium. Dr. Hersh will be presenting an overview of the OHSU program in the exhibit hall on Monday afternoon.

Dr. Hersh will also be participating in a pre-symposium retreat for fellows from around the country in new ACGME-accredited clinical informatics subspecialty fellowships. All five OHSU clinical informatics will be participating as well: James Morrison, M.D., Inho Kim, M.D., Ben Orwoll, M.D., Brady Wright, M.D., and Ani Chintalapani, M.D.

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    You forgot one: Clinical Research Informatics Working Group Pre-symposium: The Emerging Role of the Chief Research Informatics Officer in Academic Medical Centers

    Working Group Pre-symposium
    8:30 AM–12:00 PM Nov 13, 2016

    Presenters include:
    Lazaro Sanchez-Pinto (Presenter) MBI 2016
    The University of Chicago

    Kate Fultz Hollis (Presenter) DMICE Research Associate and MBI Student
    Oregon Helath & Science University

    Judith Logan (Presenter), Prof. emerita, WG Chair
    Oregon Helath & Science University

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