DMICE NLM Biomedical Informatics & Data Science Training Grant Renewed for Five Years

The Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology has been awarded $3.8 million for five years from the NIH National Library of Medicine (NLM) to renew its Training Grant in Biomedical Informatics & Data Science.

The grant will provide annual funding for seven PhD students, four postdoctoral fellows, and four short-term training positions for diversity students.

This award is a competitive renewal of this training grant that has been held by OHSU since 1992, making it one of the longest and most established programs in the field. Many alumni of the program have gone on to successful careers in academia and industry. Current trainees in the program recently attended the annual meeting for NLM trainees held this year at the University of California San Diego on June 5-6. The picture below shows trainees and faculty who attended the event, some of whom presented papers and posters (see legend below).


Front: Mitzi Boardman, Bill Hersh, Aurora Blucher*, Eric Feczko, Kristen Stevens
Middle: Julian Egger, Steve Chamberlin+, Aaron Coyner, Josh Burkhart, Eric Leung*
Back: Dana Womack+, James Jacobs*, Geoff Schau
(Not pictured: Shannon McWeeney, Erin Hickman*)
(*gave oral presentation, +gave poster presentation)