Python Bootcamp For Neuroscientists a Successful Collaboration Between DMICE and Neuroscience Graduate Program Faculty and Students

Spurred on by student interest, DMICE faculty Ted Laderas, PhD, assistant professor, Lisa Karstens, PhD, assistant professor, and Michael Mooney, PhD, assistant professor, all collaborated with Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) faculty, instructors and students on an introductory Python bootcamp focused on neuroscience students earlier this month. The bootcamp had the overall goal of introducing 21 Neuroscience Graduate Program students at OHSU to the basics of programming in Python using data that the students were interested in: behavioral data, electrophysiology data, and confocal microscopy data. The course was designed to be a 1 credit course to encourage students to persist and finish it. Everyone managed to complete the course and the students are planning follow up sessions in learning more Python using the 6 months of DataCamp in the Classroom.

“I had the py_classpleasure of working with a great group of students, professors and instructors in developing the material, and had a great time teaching complete beginners to programming and Python,” said Dr. Laderas. “Given the positive feedback from the students, we plan on giving this course next year, enabling students to start learning the benefits of programming as a skill.” Course materials are available freely at and the faculty welcome any suggestions or potential collaborators.

For more information about the NGP Python Bootcamp, visit