DMICE Faculty to Offer Health Informatics Course to College Undergraduates

bill4DMICE faculty William Hersh, M.D., professor and chair, and Ted Laderas, Ph.D., assistant professor, will be launching a new course in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health in the Spring 2018 academic quarter entitled, Introduction to Health Informatics. The course will provide an introduction to the field. Students will learn the application of informatics skills and knowledge to health-related problems. Application activities will include simple data analysis and visualization of clinical data, answering clinical questions using information retrieval methods, and doing simple association analysis of gene variants and disease.

Laderas-headshotAs noted in the course syllabus, the learning objectives for the course include:

  • Introduce students to problems and challenges that health informatics addresses
  • Introduce students to the research and practice of health informatics
  • Provide all students with basic skills and knowledge in health informatics to apply in their future health-related careers
  • Lead students in discussion around ethical and diversity issues in health informatics
  • Provide additional direction to those interested in further (i.e., graduate) study in the field

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Overview of Field and Problems That Motivate It
  2. Health Data, Information, and Knowledge
  3. Electronic Health Records
  4. Personal Health Records and Decision Aids
  5. Information Retrieval (Search)
  6. Bioinformatics
  7. Informatics Applications in Public Health
  8. Data Science, Analytics, and Visualization
  9. Ethical Issues in Health Informatics
  10. Careers in Health Informatics

Readers of this blog will likely hear more about this course in the near future.