OHSU Commencement to Bring Biomedical Informatics Alumni to 831 Degrees and Certificates Awarded to 746 People

Next Monday, June 3rd, a total of 45 new alumni of the Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program will be honored in the annual OHSU Commencement ceremony. (See follow-up post with pictures later next week!)

With the 2019 graduates, the program will now have awarded a total of 831 degrees and certificates dating back 22 years to the first graduates in 1998 (who started when the program launched in 1996). As some have completed more than one program degree or certificate (e.g., the Graduate Certificate and Master’s or the Master’s and PhD; one person has done all three!), the program has a total of 746 alumni.

The table below shows the degrees by each major (formerly track). The names of the Master’s degrees offered have varied over the years, and they are all combined into a single row in the table. There are now two majors in the program, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology and Health & Clinical Informatics. A blog post from earlier this year provided a sampling of where some of our alumni worked and lived.

Degree or Certificate Total Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Major Health & Clinical Informatics Major
Graduate Certificate 455 0 455
Master’s Degree (All) 348 46 302
PhD 28 9 19
Total 831 55 776