End-of-Year Banquet and Commencement

The Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program had a strong turnout for its usual end-of-year festivities.

The annual department banquet took place on June 2, 2019. Below is a picture of graduates and some faculty who attended the banquet. In the front row (seated) are master’s graduate Noellee Clark MD, faculty Ted Laderas PhD, program director William Hersh MD, clinical informatics fellowship graduate Thomas Frowhein MD, and master’s graduate Barry Newman MD. In the back row (standing) are faculty Lisa Karstens PhD, master’s graduate Leong Hui Wong (who came all the way from Singapore!), master’s graduate Richard Friedman MD, master’s graduate Connor Smith, faculty Karen Eden PhD, master’s graduate Sean Babcock, master’s graduate Ellen Provost MD, clinical informatics fellowship graduate Aziz Alhomod MD, and faculty Shannon McWeeney PhD.

The following day, graduates and faculty participated in the OHSU commencement. Below is a picture after the hooding ceremony that includes master’s graduate Leong Hui Wong, master’s graduate Deborah Woodcock, master’s graduate Carol Heimann, master’s graduate Stephen Pun MD, faculty Joan Ash PhD, faculty Karen Eden PhD, faculty Kathryn Pyle AMLS, master’s graduate Gabrielle Choonoo, program director William Hersh MD, master’s graduate Christopher D’Autremont, master’s graduate Irfan Khawaja, master’s graduate Raja Cholan, master’s graduate Ghazal Irfan, master’s graduate Mitchell Strauss MD, master’s graduate Connor Smith, and master’s graduate Ellen Provost MD.

With these addition of 45 graduates in 2019, the program has now awarded a total of 831 degrees and certificates dating back 22 years to the first graduates in 1998 (who started when the program launched in 1996). As some have completed more than one program degree or certificate (e.g., the Graduate Certificate and Master’s or the Master’s and PhD; one person has done all three!), the program has a total of 746 alumni.