International Medical Informatics Yearbook 2020: Editorial Meeting for DMICE Editor during Pandemic

Bonjour de Zoom! Last year we reported on the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) yearbook meeting in Paris that included DMICE research associate Kate Fultz Hollis, MS, MBI as chief editor.   This year the IMIA Yearbook team conducted its April 17 meeting for the 2020 edition from Paris France but by way of Zoom as all editors from Europe and the US must operate out of their home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Once again, senior editor Brigitte Séroussi (top row of the picture left to right is senior staff Kate Fultz Hollis, Brigitte Séroussi, Lina Soualmia, Martina Hutter, and Adrien Ugon) ran an excellent all day meeting with over 20 section editors attending and choosing the best papers in their respective sections. Most editors started the day at 8:45am Paris time and so those of us in the US began at 11:45pm at night and Ms. Fultz Hollis stayed for the entire meeting until roughly 8am Friday morning. The picture below is a lovely compilation of Zoom pictures of all the editors who participated.

IMIA produces a yearbook of the best medical informatics journal articles from around the world.  The IMIA 2019 Yearbook was made up of 12 sections covering the different subfields of biomedical informatics and a keynote paper.  Each year there is a special section and for 2020, the special section is Ethics and Health Informatics.  This year, a DMICE graduate, Carolyn Peterson, MS, MBI, oversaw the Special Section of Ethics for the Yearbook along with Vignesh Subbian, PhD of the University of Arizona. Ms. Fultz Hollis oversees section editors for the Ethics Special Section, Consumer Health Informatics, Clinical Research Informatics, Decision Support, Human Factors, and Public Health and Epidemiology Informatics.

The keynote paper on ethics and working group papers for IMIA Yearbook 2020 are now available online in the eFirst website of the journal.  We also published an obituary of one of our best section editors Vassilis Koutkias and he is included here in our group picture of Zoom portraits (bottom row second from the right).  The day was very productive and the full issue of the IMIA Yearbook 2020 will be available in August 2020.