DMICE Clinical Informatics Fellow Elected to Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association Student Editorial Board 2020-2021

Jennifer Rosenbaum, MD, MEd, OHSU Clinical Informatics (CI) Fellow, has been appointed to the Student Editorial Board (SEB) of the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) for 2020-2021. Dr. Rosenbaum continues a tradition of OHSU biomedical informatics students who have served on JAMIA SEB.  Previous student editors included PhD candidate Paul DeMuro (2013-2014); MD/PhD student Julie Doberne (2014-2015); and CI Fellow James Morrison (2016-2017).  The SEB has been led by Michael F. Chiang, MD, JAMIA Associate Editor, Edwin and Josephine Knowles Professor of Ophthalmology, and Professor in the Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE).

JAMIA is the scientific peer-reviewed journal from the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). The SEB is an opportunity to serve in an editorial position reviewing submissions and learning about the process of how a scientific journal works. The main responsibility of the student editorial board is to review journal manuscript submissions. This opportunity allows for scientific discourse around the most up to date research and improving critical scientific reading skills. Additionally, the SEB provides a chance to meet leaders in the field and stay on top of the latest research in clinical informatics. Beyond the editorial responsibilities, the student editorial runs the monthly journal club. This provides the opportunity to work with an even broader group to discuss the most current work in the field of informatics, learn how to question science, and build on skills of moderating groups.

Dr. Rosenbaum remarked on her appointment, “I am really excited about this opportunity. Staying on top of the most recent research and learning to read critically are foundational skills for being a good informaticist and physician, and this is a unique chance to develop those skills. I also think this is a wonderful opportunity to meet people in the field, both the esteemed established individuals on the board as well as my peers on the student editorial board who I’m sure will end up being leaders in the field themselves.

“The DMICE Blog asked me for a photo and so as we are at home in the pandemic here I am (in picture above) finally getting to wear our snazzy informatics scrubs as well as the portrait from the AMIA announcement, and my dog (in photo on right) showing how we work from home together.”