International Medical Informatics Yearbook 2021: Editorial Meeting Including DMICE Editors During Pandemic (Again)

C’est la deuxième fois sur Zoom.  Last year, we reported that the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) Yearbook meeting was virtual and as we continue to be safe in 2021 in regards to the pandemic, the editorial meeting happened again on Zoom on April 30, 2021. Before 2020, this meeting had taken place in Paris, France for a few years.  As previously reported, IMIA produces a yearbook of the best medical informatics journal articles from around the world.  The IMIA 2020 Yearbook was made up of 12 sections covering the different subfields of biomedical informatics and a keynote paper.  In 2021, we were very fortunate to have Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE) faculty and alumni editors help with the 2021 theme, Managing Pandemics with Health Informatics – Successes and Challenges.  In the picture below is Kate Fultz Hollis, MS, MBI 2016, Chief Editor (all chief editors on first row); Michelle Hribar, PhD, DMICE Assistant Professor and co-editor of Human Factors (4th row left), and DMICE alumnus Damian Borbolla, MD, MS 2012, Assistant Professor University of Utah, co-editor Decision Support section (5th row bottom right).

IMIA Yearbook 2021 Editors at 4/30/2021 Meeting

As Dr. Borbolla commented during the April 30 meeting, “Starting my first Zoom meeting of the day at 6 AM, for an event I should be attending in Paris. How is your Friday going?” Yet we still had as productive a meeting as we could in the virtual environment. Some of us on the US west coast started at 4:50am and went on until 10am (Paris time 1:50pm to 7:00pm).  All section presentations were lively and all editors have chosen excellent representative papers and produced survey papers for their respective sections (there are 12 sections of the Yearbook covering various specialities in medical informatics). The section editors conducted searches using PubMed, Cochrane and other sources and search data was displayed at the meeting.  The editors were not surprised by the significant amount of references on the YB topic of pandemics as well as more information about research in the subject area.

The keynote paper on pandemics and working group papers for IMIA Yearbook 2021 are now available online in the eFirst website of the publisher. In addition, William Hersh, MD, DMICE Chair, is currently President of the International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics (IAHSI) and a co-author of the IAHSI report in the IMIA Yearbook eFirst website.