International Medical Informatics Association Yearbook: Returning to Europe for Editorial Presentations in 2023

Bonjour de Bordeaux France! In this blog, we have talked about the IMIA Yearbook before in 2019 , 2020 and in 2021. Every year, the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) produces a yearbook of the best medical informatics journal articles from around the world.  This year (2023), the senior editors felt that we needed to return to the live editorial meeting where we choose the best papers. We were very fortunate that our chief co-editor Prof. Fleur Mougin arranged for our meeting at her institution, L’Institut de Santé Publique, d’Epidémiologie et de Développement, the school of public health at the University of Bordeaux France.  As talked about before in this blog, the IMIA Yearbook is made up of 12 sections covering the different subfields of biomedical informatics and a keynote survey paper.  Each year there is a special section and for 2022 the special section is One Health.  The philosophy of One Health emphasizes collaboration across three primary fields of study (animal, human, and environmental) with the hopes of producing the most effective health outcomes for all beings and the broader ecosystem.[1] Since 2019,  Kate Fultz Hollis, MS, MBI of DMICE has been one of the senior editors for IMIA Yearbook and she oversees editors for the Signals, Sensors, and Imaging Informatics, Consumer Health Informatics, Clinical Research Informatics, Decision Support, Bioinformatics and Translational Informatics (BTI), Human Factors, and Cancer Informatics.

IMIA YB Editors at Bordeaux

The chief editor of the IMIA Yearbook is Lina Soualmia, PhD (pictured here in green dress). Dr. Soualmia is Professeur des universités (PU) at the Université de Rouen en Normandie. She has been focused on knowledge engineering (“ingénierie des connaissances”), ontologies, indexing and general medical informatics research. The editors of the Yearbook come from many countries in Europe and from the United States. The two US editors in the picture are from the right to left Kate Fultz Hollis and next to her Mary Benton Lauren, PhD from Baylor University (she co-edits BTI section). In addition to senior editor Fultz Hollis, Meryl Bloomrosen from Washington DC, is a DMICE graduate and she is the editor of Health Information Management Section.

After three years of meeting for the Yearbook on Zoom or other web meeting software, it was very nice to see everyone in a room that we picture here.  This year 11 editors attended the editorial meeting and each section editor team provided 15 papers for best paper and then the group chose for each section up to 4 best paper selections for the Yearbook. We also had the editors who did not attend the meeting present their best paper selections via teleconference on a big screen and that was very useful (as opposed to doing everything on a computer).  Bordeaux is a very lovely mid-sized town with a university and of course a very large wine and agriculture industry.  Dr. Mougin arranged a lovely dinner for all IMIA editors attending and the wine and 4 course meal were exceptional.  We always need more reviewers to help with the all sections of the yearbook and please contact Kate at if you are interested in providing reviews for the IMIA Yearbook.

[1] Hardy E, Standley CJ. Identifying intersectional feminist principles in the One Health framework. One Health. 2022 May 31;15:100404. doi: 10.1016/j.onehlt.2022.100404. PMID: 35677572; PMCID: PMC9168527.