Ontologist Melissa Haendel edits volume on bioinformatics of behavior

Melissa Haendel, co-head of the OHSU Library’s Ontology Development Group, has collaborated with Elissa J. Chesler from The Jackson Laboratory to edit two volumes of the International Review of Neurobiology.

Drs. Chesler and Haendel describe their work in the preface:

The field of bioinformatics has rapidly evolved and has changed the practice of biology in innumerable ways. The impact of modern practices in data management, high-throughput quantitation, semantic data integration, image analysis, text processing, and genomics has changed the scale and breadth of investigation in all areas of biology. These volumes focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of bioinformatics strategies in behavioral science. The first focuses primarily on biological databases and data integration. The second focuses primarily on functional genomics and model organism studies of behavior. Both contain a mixture of theoretical and applied aspects of bioinformatics.