CLSB Update

The Collaborative Life Sciences Building continues to develop and we wanted to share an update with you.

Work has begun on the Learning Resource Center.

As part of the Collaborative Life Sciences Building, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) is specifically designed to enable team learning and collaboration in support of interprofessional education. The space is designed to facilitate collaborative study and group learning. There will be a combination of learning environments allowing for quiet studying, four-person group study rooms for collaboration, and an eight-person group study room to permit larger groups to work together. Lounge space and a meditation room round out the available amenities, with a computer lab providing technology to the OHSU community. Librarians will be available for your information needs, and student services and student affairs staff will offer support for the curriculum.

The Learning Resource Center will include:

  • A meditation room
  • General study space
  • Computer lab
  • Lounge space
  • Quiet study space
  • Thirteen 4-person group study rooms to facilitate collaborative study
  • One 8-person group study room
  • One 20-person classroom
  • Librarians will be available to provide support
  • Support from student services and student affairs

We are excited to share continuing developments around the Learning Resource Center!