Help make basic science more reproducible and get free stuff

The issue of scientific reproducibility has been at the forefront of the news recently, from the Economist highlighting the lack of reliable research in “Trouble at the Lab” to Francis Collin’s recent Nature article describing the NIH’s new policies to improve reproducibility.  Recently, Dr. Haendel’s group in the Library published a paper (Vasilevsky et al, 2013, PeerJ) showing that a key component of scientific reproducibility, the ability to identify the research resources used in a study, is problematic.

To address this issue, the Resource Identification Initiative is developing a process and tools to make it easier to identify research resources used in the materials and methods of biomedical research through the use of unique identifiers. Numerous publishers, including PLoS, Elsevier and Wiley, as well as editors, and the NIH have come together to pilot a program where authors aid in the specific identification of resources prior to publication.

The Resource Identification Initiative is seeking beta tester authors and endorsers.  Participants will receive prizes.  To become a beta tester, please go here:

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