VisualDx @ OHSU

The library has recently purchased a subscription to the clinical diagnostic support tool, VisualDx.

VisualDX is available to all OHSU clinical faculty, students, and staff, and can be a useful tool for increasing diagnostic accuracy, creating patient engagement, and augmenting medical education,

VisuaDx includes 30,000 medical images and specialist-level knowledge to help diagnose, treat, and manage 1,300 diseases, drug reactions, and infections.

•        Begin by entering a single symptom and build a differential diagnosis as you enter additional patient findings
•        Visually confirm a patient’s diagnosis
•        Quickly access next steps for management and patient care
•        Provide on-the-spot patient education with real medical images a patient can relate to and hand-outs they can take home

iPad, iPhone, Android Access
•        Make sure you are on the OHSU network.
•        Click this link to set up your VisualDx Mobile account:

VisualDx in UpToDate
The VisualDx diagnostic clinical decision support system is also seamlessly integrated with UpToDate, providing high-quality images detailing disease variation in age, stage, and skin type, and allowing users to enter patient findings to build a visual differential diagnosis. When searching in UpToDate, all VisualDx results are highlighted with an orange “VDx” icon.