14 days to have your say!

Please visit the Library this week and enjoy some cookies and coffee, Monday-Wednesday. There is still time to have your say!
Library Strategic Planning is underway, and we have a real  opportunity to re-define our services, spaces, and resources to help you prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.  The “14 Days” campaign gives you two weeks to share your needs and frustrations as you use the Library.  Simply jot down here anything that comes to mind – from small conveniences to grand visions of what the Library could be.  And look for questions on selected days of the campaign that will target specific topics of interest.

Please visit us at the OHSU Library in the BICC or the Graduate LRC at the CLSB to give us your feedback.

Please take our survey, email us feedback at library@ohsu.edu, or learn more about our strategic planning process.










One response to “14 days to have your say!

  1. I hope that it’s not to late to submit my comments because the BICC is extremely important to my research.

    I am a visiting scientist at OHSU and have been so for 15 years.

    The BICC library has been a fantastic resource for me, and I hope that it continues in this way.

    A library is principally a place where the life of the mind can have its fullest range. Quiet and clean conditions are required to think deeply about difficult research issues. Loud conditions cannot be tolerated. An example of BICC’s issue with noise is the loud meetings that take place in the room below the bottom floor of the library. In those cases it is not possible to think about difficult problems if only seats immediately above that “conference/workshop” room are available.

    People that need refrigerators or microwaves should be asked to go the the student center where such services are available.

    It was a shocking Saturday for me when I arrived and the library was closed. Fortunately, it was possible for me to gain weekend access that is critical for my work.

    The BICC library is crucial for me because the PSU library is not well controlled and the students there make too much noise and have a different view of behavior in a library than a Ph.D.-level research scientist.

    In conclusion, the BICC is a fantastic resource for me, and I have very nearly contributed funds to support it because of its long tradition of excellence and importance to my future work.

    Please contact me at 503 341 8877 if I can be of more help.


    Professor johnny powell
    Visiting Scientist
    Reed College

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