2016 OHSU Poetry Contest Winners

The winners of the 2016 OHSU Poetry Contest have been selected. The three winning poems, as well as honorable mentions, are listed below by category, with full text available by clicking on the title:

Health & Healing:
Winner:what they don’t teach you,” by Akshay Pendyal
Honorable Mention: “Hospice Consult in Parkdale, OR,” by Allison Nye

Artistic Excellence:
Winner:Passions in Every Room,” by Michael Wynn
Honorable Mention: “Pre-Med,” by LeNeva Spires

OHSU Experience:
Winner:For Bases,” by Libbey White
Honorable Mention: “The Recipe,” by Kevin Nusser

Special Mentions:
Aerial Tram theme: “Aerial Tram”
Unique form: “A Breath of Fresh Air,” by Mariam Rehman

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  1. It looks like the link to the full text no longer works? Is there a place where we can currently view the full text for the winning poems? Thanks.

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