National Library of Medicine Strategic Plan RFI

screenshot-2016-11-11-11-14-35Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan, the new Director of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), recently visited OHSU to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the BICC. During her plenary presentation, she outlined her vision for the third century of NLM. Now, she and her colleagues are seeking your input on the NLM Strategic Plan. Everyone is encouraged to respond, with particular emphasis on four roles:


  1. Role of NLM in advancing data science, open science, and biomedical informatics
  2. Role of NLM in advancing biomedical discovery and translational science
  3. Role of NLM in supporting the public’s health: clinical systems, public health systems and services, and personal health
  4. Role of NLM in building collections to support discovery and health in the 21st century

In the following areas:

  1. Identify what you consider an audacious goal in your area of interest – a challenge that may be daunting but would represent a huge leap forward were it to be achieved.  Include input on the barriers to and benefits of achieving the goal.
  2. The most important thing NLM does in this area, from your perspective.
  3. Research areas that are most critical for NLM to conduct or support.
  4. Healthcare systems and public health arenas in which NLM participation is most critical.
  5. New data types or data collections anticipated over the next 10 years.
  6. Other comments, suggestions, or considerations, keeping in mind that the aim is to build the NLM of the future.