DynaMed Plus supported; UpToDate access ends effective July 1

For some time, OHSU has subscribed to two different clinical decision support tools: UpToDate and DynaMed Plus.   Following an RFP process and thorough review of available literature along with comparison of the two tools, a university-wide committee has decided to award OHSU’s contract to DynaMed Plus and to discontinue OHSU’s subscription with UpToDate.

The committee recognizes that UpToDate is a commonly used tool for clinicians and learners and took the responsibility of making this decision very seriously.  An attempt was made to extend the UpToDate contract by three months in order to provide advance notice of this decision, but UpToDate was unwilling to sign a short contract.

In the spirit of Accelerate OHSU and sustainable cost improvements, the decision has been made to let the UpToDate contract lapse effective July 1.  OHSU will be able to realize significant cost savings by eliminating the redundancy of having two tools that serve the same purpose.

You can learn more about DynaMed Plus and get answers to other questions in the Q&A, including steps on accessing UpToDate if you are affiliated with the VA.

Access to DynaMed Plus: Beginning Sunday, July 1, UpToDate will no longer be available.  Instead, access and use DynaMed Plus in the same way you may use UpToDate today.  You can access this resource in one of three ways:

  1. Via Epic: Epic Button: References: Online References (the same way you access UpToDate).
  2. Via the OHSU Library website. A link to DynaMed Plus is located under “Popular Resources.” The direct link is http://libguides.ohsu.edu/Dynamed
  3. Via the mobile app. The Mobile Resources Guide on the Library website explains how to download and access the app for iOS and Android.

Questions may be directed to any of the RFP committee members listed in the Q&A.