UpToDate Renewal for FY19

OHSU’s contract with UpToDate was terminated on July 1, 2018, following a rigorous RFP process for University Clinical Decision Support Tools. This decision was based upon multiple criteria, including a proposal and presentation by the vendor, the scope of the product as supported by the medical literature on clinical decision support tools, the “value adds” from the product such as CME credits, vendor policy and practice related to diversity, vendor conflict of interest evaluation and the pricing schedule. Additional metrics were also reviewed.

Following this decision and the announcement to use DynaMed Plus as OHSU’s primary tool, the committee learned of additional “value add” features that were being used by OHSU providers that were not included in UpToDate’s proposal.

In addition, much appreciated feedback was received from clinicians at OHSU. These concerns prompted the committee to meet again and review the original process. Upon the committee’s recommendation, the OHSU executive team has committed to a one-year contract renewal with UpToDate.

It is important to note that UpToDate may still be discontinued after this one-year extension. The committee still stands by its recommendation to utilize DynaMed Plus, based on the criteria above. While the pricing schedule was only one factor being considered, continuing to provide UpToDate is not financially sustainable. The goal will be to undertake a more expansive and transparent review of clinical decision support tools throughout this current fiscal year.

Access to UpToDate has been restored.

Users with previously earned CME should find their CME available for claiming within their log in.

Continue to use DynaMed Plus as an additional support tool. User training opportunities will be coming soon.

Questions may be directed to any of the RFP committee members listed in the previously shared Q&A.