Introduction: Jeff Colby

Image of Jeff Colby

This post comes from Jeff Colby, Archives Assistant in the Historical Collections & Archives.

Hi all, my name is Jeff Colby, and I have been with Historical Collections & Archives (HC&A) for the last 10 years of my (so far) 38 years with the Library. Having been a history major in college, it seems amazing to me that it took me so long to get here. For me, it’s all about the stories – I mean, it’s in the name!

I began working with HC&A just a couple days a week; but that has evolved over the years to a 60/40 split between HC&A and Access Services. I am now acting as an Archives Assistant. I started out slowly, moving collections and paging items; but as I was trained, I began to do scanning for our Historical Image Collection and, finally, organizing donated collections and creating finding aids.

I have often done this for some of our larger collections, involving 70 to 100-plus boxes of materials. I also had a solo project covering several years scanning 30 huge folios of newspaper clippings about OHSU from the 1980s on.

All I can say is that after all these years I still love this job; and despite looming retirement, I think it is quite possible that I will continue part-time as a volunteer. I’ll be writing here from time to time about collections I’m working on or historical stories that interest me; hopefully they interest you, too.